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The name 3 Amish Ladies & an English Woman is a literal description of how the business was founded. My name is Laura Kristman and I’ve been working in the cleaning and home management industry for over two decades. 


Years ago, I began working along side a group of Amish ladies in rural Pennsylvania. They referred to me and my way of life as “English”. In the Amish community, if you aren’t Amish or Mennonite, you are referred to as “English”. 


While cleaning with these ladies, I came to truly admire their integrity and work ethic. I reveled in how detailed they were as they cheerfully went about their day; unwilling to compromise in the quality of the services they were providing, no matter how big or challenging the task. 


As the years passed, and family sizes grew, the ladies became less and less available. Today, I have a few Amish ladies working in a limited capacity, but I no longer solely employ the Amish.


Because the standards were so high and the ladies were so knowledgable, I’ve made it my priority and mission to continue the same practices, cleaning methods, and quality that made us such a fantastic team. 



As for the people I invite to be a member of the team today, the qualifications include: a positive attitude, outstanding work ethic, honesty, reliability and the desire to leave each place you visit, more beautiful & inviting than you found it. 


The Amish ladies and I never really saw cleaning as work, but more as a work of art. I’m proud to say, that practice continues on today in Arizona and Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida.

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