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Professional Organizing Services

For many people, clutter can be an energy zapper or a big waste of time spent looking for things they can’t find. Many people agree that having unwanted clutter in the house make them feel stressed and sometimes, even embarrassed. In extreme cases, people may suffer from depression or obesity when a life of consumption extends beyond “stuff.” In more serious hoarding situations, other health complications are possible if mold and dust are present. While much less common, a house full of clutter could even cause fire hazards


Organizing and decluttering relieves stress for many people by providing a sense of control and accomplishment. For others, getting rid of the junk frees up extra space in the home that wasn’t there before. Some may just need to purge their house of clutter before a move. Whatever your reason is for decluttering your home, and in turn your life, we are here to help you every step of the way. 

Organized Kitchen Cabinet




Written Plan of Action

Independent Project Goals

4 Consecutive hours of In Home Organizing

Well Organized Closet




Written Plan of Actions

Independent Project Goals

8 hours of In Home Organzing

(May be used as 1 full day or 2 half days)

1 compimentary follow up appointment

Organized Cubicles


Assessment + Plan of Action $100

We understand that downsizing, decluttering and organizing can be very personal undertakings. We will be here to guide you in the most respectful ways possible. We work closely with you to ensure you are comfortable and successful in this endeavor.

Every new project begins with a Complimentary Assessment. The next step for most projects will be a hand written Plan Of Action. When applicable, an Independent Project will be assigned < these projects are meant to save time and money and are only assigned at the customers digression>. 

Below is a list of our pricing - Feel free to reach out with any questions. We are here, and happy, to help.

Flat Rate Hourly                     $125

Small Closet                           $150



   Kitchen                                  $250

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